Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paternity Tests, DNA Testing, Home Testing Kits

Home DNA Paternity Testing Kits. Do you need to find out if you are the biological father, or even a biological mother, of a baby or a more grown up child. Many men doubt that they are the biological father of an unwanted child, for their own reasons, and there are now home DNA testing paternity kits, which can conclusively reveal if a child is theirs, and these kits are 99.9% accurate. There is no other method as accurate as these, they are similar procedures the government and the CSI laboratories use everyday. Home DNA paternity testing kits are so reliable, that they can be used in a Court of Law as evidence. DNA paternity testing has been used for years to resolve many problematic marriages and paternity lawsuits.
Easy to use Home Paternity Test Kit
DNA testing is the most technologically advanced way to tell parentage, and these can be split into two groups, Restriction Fragment Length Polmorhism and Polymerase Cahin Reaction ( PCR ) The PCR, is the main way for determining genetic family relationships for paternity and will be the one which is used in the home paternity kits. The home paternity testing kits work by you swabbing the inside of the cheeks of the mouth, rotating the swab stick and pressing firmly against the cheek. As these home kits are not a saliva test, you really need to follow all the instructions very carefully, or you may be wasting you time. For positive identification, you may need a swab from the child, the mother and the suspected father, but you can do it between the father and the child only.
One you have done your DNA paternity test, you will need to send the swabs to the laboratory of the company whom you purchased it from, the address will be on the instructions inside the box. There is usually a pre-paid envelope also included, but it would be better if you used a delivery service such as DHL or UPS, with a signature required on delivery, at least that way there should be no mix up at the post office. Once you have sent off the swabs, completed forms, signatures and possible identification, you results should be ready within seven days.
 Getting the Results
This is the most important part for many anxious fathers or would be fathers, you can have the results delivered to your home address or a nominated address, which you may want to do if you are being secretive about the whole situation, or you may be able to ring up the laboratory for the results, but this is not advised as mistakes can happen just in the conversation. Most companies now have an online service, you will need a password, which will be filled in on the forms you have sent in with the swab sample. You will then be able to access the results over the internet, this way, no-one ever need know that you have done a paternity test. If you are doing this secretly, arrange payment via a third party, and a hard copy of the report to another address
Think First
If you are being blamed for a child, that you consider is not yours, then go ahead and get it done. But if the paternity test is for a child whom you have lived with as your own for several years, think about what the damages and changes will do to the child and you. If you find the child is not yours, you will never treat them the same again, no matter what you promise, it is impossible. Maybe, if you find out that they have a different father, you should TALK to the mother first, without the child there, the child would of already had several years of lies and deception, yes they need to know the truth, but sometimes, is a lie that destroys a child better than a small lie which brings a smile. The ultimate decision is down to you.


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